World Wide Wednesday and the European Movement Merseyside hosts events on the first Wed/Mt. Initially we were open Networking in Liverpool. Recent months, due to COVID19, we now host our meetings via ZOOM.

For November our main guest speakers include Prof Colin Talbot 

Colin Talbot is Professor of Government (Emeritus) at the University of Manchester and a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. He has also been an adviser to UK Parliamentary Committees on HM Treasury and on Public Administration.

Colin talks about the prospects for the Tory government’s Brexit negotiations with the European Union in the light of the result of the presidential election. Colin doubts that there are any voting irregularities. He thinks it will be difficult for Trump to challenge the result. He points out the ‘states’rights perspectives’, which makes it difficult for the Federal Supreme Court to intervene and overturn any decisions of the state supreme courts.

He gives his appraisal of the situation regarding the make-up of the Senate. He quotes a colleague who estimated that there are 93,000 governments in the United States. Biden can repair some of the damage that has been done by the Trump administration but in other areas it may be more difficult. The biggest impact of the Biden administration will be in the international arena. He will start to rebuild some of the relationships, such as bringing the US back into the WHO and Paris Climate Change Accor.

HEAR Prof Talbot Here

WorldWideWednesday  04 Nov 2020