Last Thursday I had another brilliant 1-1 with Jan Kiermasz. Our training brought together a few months work, some of which I was struggling with, till suddenly the penny drop! Techy is not my hot button. In my heart I have no interest, however, I do understand the vital importance it plays in business today. This is why I love working with Jan. She understands my mentality and so rephrases things in layman’s terms. No “hi tech gobbly gook” to show off her importance and high knowledge level. She doesn’t need that!

When Jan is on a 1-1 with any of her clients the ONLY thing of importance to her is helping that client. Jan knows we are all different and she is fantastic at adapting to our ways. Our meeting is so relaxed, so easy going, I always get to understand what it is I need to do, what must be done to make that happen and what my homework is for the next month. But probably the most important thing is that I KNOW and understand how this work will benefit business.

I was so fired up after our lesson on Thursday I carried on with the work after our meeting. By Tea Time I had completer 2 of 3 of my homework segments. Over the next 3 days I got really brave and actually “experimented” with technology on the back of my lesson.  Anyone who knows me will know that is a first! Normally, with this stuff, I would have no desire to find out what happens next.

Learning with Jan has changed all that. Her relaxed teaching takes all the mystery and fear of technology away for me. Actually, I now find that there is a lot of logic involved which I love. That just takes a bit of common sense!

Anyone who needs to improve any aspect of your Digital Marketing – whichever platform you are working from – you should arrange a 1-1 with this genius.

If you are unsure as to what you need then start by requesting a full Analytical on your site. Does it make you money? If not – why not? Jan will give you an accurate, independent report on where you are at now. It’s totally your choice whether to use this imformation to improve business.

I’m so pleased that I have this golden opportunity of parterning with Jan to watch IBE move fast forward for 2021.