Earlier in the week, Victoria Derbyshire had a group of 20 young people, aged between 18 – 25, for one of her morning sessions.  This panel was led by an independent lady studying “feedback”.

The group was generally discussing what young people think about our present political situation.  This was a fired up bunch each with lots of ideas. But some were not very sure on some basic FACTS – like who Jo Swinton is!

Another thought Mr. Farage was leader of Lib Dems.  Unbelievable. 

Today in Norwich, Victoria had a mixed audience, many of them asking questions to politicians.  Once again, the errors in some statements made by many in the audience were appalling. One student who organises local strikes stated that “Conservative do not have a policy on climate change”.  This is a lie but she stated it categorically as true.  Thankfully, Victoria furnished her with the truth.  Since this lady had this basic fact wrong then what else does she have wrong?  Skip fast forward to 0hr 59min to listen for yourselves.

You can watch the full programme here – https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000bh7b/victoria-derbyshire-election-debate

This session has a brilliant closing where Victoria randomly asked a few in the audience to sum up what they would like to see in UK in 2 – 5 years.  Katherine, in gorgeous Lilac hair – mum of 5 children – told it wonderfully.  Fast forward to 1hr 24min to hear what Katherine wants.  She wants UNITY among all the people.  How amazing would that be?

These are some basic bits of information that most people know, irrespective of our political interest, yet people going on air to make their point heard internationally can’t be bothered to do BASIC homework like who leads which party! 

These same people are the people deciding who should run our Country!  How can they make an informed decision if they don’t know who leads which party…?

For me, this sums up the whole matter of Brexit and Politics generally these last few years.  Wherever possible, people are pushing for the limelight but very few CARE about the FACTS.  They are governed by self EGO.

Another example of false accusations was with Jo Coburn on the BBC Politics Live Panel on Wednesday.  Jo is brilliant.  She is very fair and refuses to be side lined by ALL the politicians she interviews.

On the panel was Mr Russell-Moyle, Labour Party.  He insisted on making it clear that the Conservatives were in the throws of SELLING off the NHS to USA.  He went on and on about his PROOF.  But Jo quickly intervened to correct him.

MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle joined the BBC Politics Live panel to discuss NHS privatisation claims in a future US trade deal. The opposition politician clashed with host Jo Coburn when she demanded to know where his “evidence” for the claims were. Mr Russell-Moyle told the BBC host: “What will happen is your hospital won’t be sold off tomorrow, they are far more clever than that.”

She had on the table the REAL info that Mr Russell-Moyle was referring to.  From that she read the FACTS on the letter proving to have NOTHING to do with the NHS. There was no conversation at all on the NHS, never mind selling it.   The letter was a discussion on drugs.  But, even with the evidence in front of him, with Jo refusing to accept his false news, Russell-Moyle refused to step down. Who can be that arrogant and deceitful and expect to be elected! 
This is precisely what the public generally are fed up to the back teeth with.     

I say EVERY man, women and child in this Country stop competing for EGO.  Stop the blame game.  Stop blaming the Government.  Stop blaming Climate Change.  Stop blaming the Police, the NHS etc etc.  STAND UP and be counted.  Have the guts to take responsibility for your own actions and your own life.

Anyone who is serious about making climate changes for real change and not for their EGO will do many of the following tasks around their own lives, away from the spotlight.  Nothing drastic like changing your diet in full to Vegan but simple actions.

  • Look in all your Kitchen Cupboards. How much waste is in there?  Food you may never use.
  • Plan your shopping list – buying ONLY what you will use and what you need.
  • Pay attention to wrapping and where the goods are manufactures.  The less travelled the products the better for climate change – and probably your heath too.
  • When you come to disposal of the wrappers etc, please recycle properly.
  • Every time you are out and about, make sure you pop your rubbish into a bin.  Avoid what many do which is drop it on the street.
  • All the filthy chewing gum we see destroying our pavements was spat out by a PERSON.  Was it you!!!!!

I could go on and on about the little things we can ALL do to help clean up our Planet.  Exactly how many of you pay real attention to your behaviour?  If only everyone did their bit you would be shocked at the difference we can make. Have YOU got the guts to make it happen?