I specialise in Networking for Entrepreneurs, many of whom do not have the time to Network themselves. Professional Networking is a very effective way of doing great business. It’s a great skill but known to few.  The key is research and planning before attending Networking events.  Most events, including travel time will take 4hrs of your day.  That’s half your office hours.  It’s important to plan well how to use this precious time, hence do your research. Many people regularly go to Networking events without the slightest bit of preparation. No thought is given to the type of event they are attending or who is lightly to be there. Many people have no clue on who their ideal customer is. Who will be at the event remains a mystery till they work the room by which time it’s too late. It’s lightly you will leave that meeting very disappointed as you have wasted so much time. Then so many people complain that Networking does not work! But it’s not the Networking that fails but the lack of preparation on choosing your event. With a little bit of homework and planning how different could the day have been!

My expertise is in making sure the right connections are made to introduce Businesspeople to Business opportunities. Properly done, this is an invaluable service. It can save you many hours a week of your precious time while delivering ongoing business. It can also save you the expense of Membership fees for organisations that are of no benefit to you.

You can benefit from my 20+ years of building business connections within the Property and Hospitality Sector while creating many business opportunities. When you’ve been “round the block” your Database, if properly planned, can be impressive. I have made it my business to make sure I have the resources to make the right connections happen for you. So, instead of wasting your own important time searching from scratch for fresh contacts, why not work with me from the top Database I’ve accumulated?

To give you a flavour of what you can expect, let’s meet. Explain to me exactly what your goals and end products are. I work in a bespoke manner with individual leaders so, what I can do for you depends totally on your business needs.

To chat email agnes@agnesfitzgerald.co.uk suggesting a convenient time to call you.