World Wide Wednesday and the European Movement Merseyside hosts events on the first Wed/Mt. Initially we were open Networking in Liverpool. Recent months, due to COVID19, we now host our meetings via ZOOM.

For November our main guest speakers include Richard Corbett, Politian

Richard Corbett is a British politician who served as the final Leader of the European Parliamentary Labour Party from 2017 to 2020.

He talks about the current situation in the light of the US presidential election, the outcome of which was not clear on the evening of the meeting. Topics include the level playing field, the UK undercutting by lower standards, fishing, enforcement of what is agreed, the UK government breaking international law, the Northern Ireland protocol.

He also mentions the situation within the Conservative Party and how the right wing of the party may reject any deal and prefer no deal. Finally, he urges pro-Europeans to call out the fact that Boris Johnson’s deal will not be the same as what was promised. We should hold Brexit supporters to account as Brexit is costly, damaging, reduces our access and rights and is bad for the UK. It is important to discredit the whole Brexit exercise, to show it was a mistake, and campaign for a closer relationship with the rest of Europe with the possibility of eventually rejoicing.

HEAR Richard Corbett Here

WorldWideWednesday  04 Nov 2020