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This is my first choice for training. I have found the Lead Trainer, Jan Kiermasz, to be an amazing Trainer and Leader. Along with her vast knowledge on technology, web building, social media and what works best today, Jan is a huge people person. Her empathy with customers makes learning a dream. With no pretence, she uses layman’s terms for everyone to understand.

In over 10 years, I’ve completed a mix of Social Media, MailChimp, Content Writing and more training courses with John Jelly. I have become part of a supporters club, set up to bring together those of us doing the different training. We get help when we get stuck on something with regular updates on everything.

John Jelly has helped me with my business through 1-2-1 training and 1-2-1 customised business coaching.

I am now doing a WordPress Website Design Starter Pack where I can make my own website changes as and when I need to. This way I am not depending on anyone to rescue me with updates. I can do them instantly. This saves me a fortune.

If you have any specific needs or want some advice then this is always the best place to start.
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