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I have worked with Aidan O’Rourke for a few years. His passion is a unique blend of Foreign Languages, writing and photography.

Aidan has the gift of blending his skills to help people learn German, French or English as a Foreign Language. This is what makes him an excellent Private Tutor in Languages

Clients vary from young people, to professionals to retired people. Aidan can arrange one-to-ones with you or you can be part of group sessions via Zoom. He uses innovative methods that are quite different from traditional approaches to learning.

Students learn through a combination of tutoring sessions via Zoom and self-study, using materials from Aidan’s portfolios. His private collection of articles, audio and video in different languages, is available only to his students.

His public portfolio showcases his own writing, photography, audio and video.  Contact Aidan to find out more.

Ideal clients for Aidan are people wishing to learn German for business or pleasure.