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Challenges with Poor Sales? Do you know why? Let us help your Business to overcome the problems you are facing.


Benefit from the Expertise of our Associates

We have a bank of trusted specialists so you can take advantage of a host of business skills. Boost your business.

Benefit from Specialist Networking

No more time wasted at adhoc events.  Get invites to hand picked networking for potential clients.

How would you like your business tailor made by a group of elite experts?

Do you understand your business? Do you know what it takes to succeed?

People usually put lots of time into what they are doing – like who ideal clients are, but very little time goes into planning how this can best be done. Little thought is given to what systems will work best for you. Hosted Telephony (VOIP), forms of Communications needed, Social Media platforms for Marketing and so on.

Many people rely on just their Mobile phone. Is that good enough for a really sleek communications system for all your follow up etc these days? Several believe that any SM platform will do. Someone advises to use “XYZ”, without researching the business, and so people go with it. They rarely pay attention to Analytics to see what return on investment each of these platforms and systems bring in to the business. Are you investing wisely in your business?

How would you like your business tailor made by a group of elite experts?   

No, I’m not Super Woman but I am ambitious! I work with a host of Super Specialists. My own expertise is in picking the right Team, choosing the right entrepreneurs to work with. Then I connect the right people. Once I understand your PAIN, your problems I know who will fix them.


Talents include top Sales Teams, Digital Marketing experts, /SEO/CRM, Investors, Buying/Selling Business, Wellbeing and more.

  • Firstly, I spend some valuable time with you to really understand your future business, what your problems are, what your aims are and who your ideal clients are.
  • From there we tailor a PLAN just for you. Cut out any adhoc meetings or platforms. No time wasters.
  • Part of the plan is to agree on the latest tools needed to further your success. Do you have the best tools for you? If not, then we will discuss and correct that.
  • Once you are set up on solid foundations, bespoke to you, then the sky is the limit!

When you see a very efficient, well-run business from front of house side it should look a doddle. The better it is managed the easier it looks to the outside world. But don’t be fooled – at first it takes lots of time and effort. Is that your business?

What Next?

To get the best answers to such vitally important questions I always believe in connecting you directly with the expert. Cut out all the middle people to avoid any misunderstandings. No carrier pigeons.

So why come to IBE for Help?

The core of my work is based around Business Development, Consultancy and Professional Networking. I love connecting local Companies to do Business Globally.

My talent is in establishing the pain and problems that people face daily in business then knowing who exactly can shift that pain. Who best to connect you to for the best solutions for you business.

Agnes Fitzgerald
Consultant for IBE

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