Independent Business Enterprise Connects Local Companies to do Business Globally. 

Professional Networking is the best way to connect entrepreneurs to do businesses. Collaboration is extremely powerful. Perhaps joining IBE is the perfect answer. With us, you can drastically cut down the time spend on live networking which may or may not produce business.

Our tailored events are always invitation only. That way I control the room. I put together the people who need to chat. You tell me who you need to meet. It’s my business to match clients to genuine opportunities as I know who should be introduced.

Together, we can grow and expand our Businesses


Independent Business Enterprise Goals

The aim of Independent Business Enterprise is to develop an unique Team of companies who are ambitious people. Professional Networking for great business is NOT about large numbers. It’s about arranging the right mix of movers and shakers in the room.

The benefits to you include: –

  • Establishing your ideal clients
  • Special Coffee Platform for Clients to showcase Business complete with Professional Speakers.
  • Business promotions to the right audience for new clients.
  • If interested, Investing in other Businesses.
  • Together, you build Business Relationships for the benefit of all.


What Sets IBE Apart?

IBE provides entrepreneurial leadership constantly sharing opportunities. We supply proactive business to business services for companies across Merseyside.

  • Unlike most groups, IBE is very Proactive with introductions and follow ups.
  • We save you lots of precious time by being your eyes and ears in the Business world while you crack on with your own life.
  • We connect you to potential clients through private Networking.
  • We respect the culture and ethos of all organisations.
  • Together, let IBE be your platform to make 2020 a year to Remember!

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