At Yorkshire Bank we know that running a business, irrespective of size or sector, is a huge task. We also recognise that to manage your business and its finances effectively, you need a reliable and efficient banking partner to help you keep on top of your balance.

Our relationship-based service approach means that we get to know you and your business and can provide guidance on sourcing the relevant business solutions to help take your business forward.

Well-being is an important proposition for all employers these days and CYBG are looking to work with businesses to support their employees through on site financial education and specialist advise.

Research has found that;

  • 1 in 4 UK employees say that money worries affect their productivity at work.
  • 30% are making uniformed financial decisions about their spending and savings.
  • 58% would value employer facilitated support to help their financial well-being.
  • 89% of employers agree that financial concerns have impacted employee performance. CYBG are looking to promote a differentiated service, effectively taking the bank to the customer.

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