Do you feel in control?

In control of what I hear you ask?  Well, everything really – let me explain.

Psychologists first really started thinking about control back in the 1950s.  The concept of Locus of Control was developed by clinical psychologist Julian Rotter, and his work has been developed ever since.

Research completed in April 2012 found 16,913 research studies with the phrase “Locus of Control” as a keyword – so this thing is obviously taken very seriously.

In a nutshell people’s locus of control may be external or internal:

Those with an internal locus believe that a positive cause/effect relationship exists between their own behaviour and the outcomes they experience.

Those with an external locus, on the other hand, perceive a lack of a relationship between their activities and consequent outcomes.  They do not believe they have much control or influence over their lives.  Why is this important?

The Covid 19 pandemic has seen the introduction of restrictions, the like of which most of us have never experienced.  We have been told to stay at home, only mix with certain people/groups, wear masks etc.  I cannot remember a time in my life when I was subject to so many rules.

The impact on business has been enormous.  Whether full closedown, furlough, distancing, PPE, home-working, or lack of custom, moving to online, restricted opening etc., we have had little option to but to comply.

So, as I asked at the beginning – Do you feel in control?

There are clearly things happening at the moment that are beyond an individual’s control, and that can be very uncomfortable.  BUT, we have a choice how we react to this – we are in control of our reactions.

If you are feeling external in terms of control in specific areas of your life/business then remember you have the choice how you react and that reaction needs to be internal.  You have the power to adapt to changing circumstances and come out the other side not just in control, but stronger and ready for the next challenge.

If you are struggling with the current situation, unsure what to do for the best for yourself and your business, let’s have a chat.  In the end it’s all about taking control but sometimes talking things out will help make that decision.

Bio: Ian Crosswell is a qualified Thrive Consultant.