How much disaster exactly do we need before accepting a warning from a very knowledgeable source? How many people must die? How much pain and suffering do we need to experience? How much economic loss do we need?

Back in April, I once again watched the BBC News. Included was an exclusive interview with Bill Gates. Charlie Stayt one of the BBC News presenters, had a brilliant 17 min 05 sec chat with Mr. Gates. No surprise that the topic was Covid-19.

But what did come as a great surprise to me was Charlie’s reference to a TED talk given by Bill Gates in 2015. This talk came shortly after the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014.

Mr. Gates, basically predicted the Coronavirus as a foregone conclusion because of the way nature and the world are working – or not working as the case may be.

Did ANYONE pay a blind bit of notice to these warnings back in 2015? Was it easier to turn a blind eye while choosing to live on a wing and a prayer!

If the Global authorities took on board what Mr. Gates predicted just how much of Coronavirus would we have endured? Would there ever have been the world pandemic? Could it have been prevented? I could go on with the “What it’s….” but that’s pointless.

Much better if I share with you the brilliant interview which Charlie Stayt had with Bill Gates.

Then you should hear the 2015 TED talk on what lessons we had to learn from Ebola and how to prepare to defend the world’s next crises.

I sincerely hope world leaders around the globe will wake up and ACT COLLECTIVELY to prepare in advance for the world’s next disaster. Sadly, they seem to become more common as time goes on.

Start putting value back into the lives of our scared people. We need to appreciate that success in life is more about people, relationships and the wellbeing of others then just the economy.  

Bill Gates TED 2015