About Agnes and IBE

Independent Business Enterprise Connects Local Companies
To Do Business Globally. 

The bottom line with IBE and Agnes Fitzgerald is to unite entrepreneurs to do more business.

Shamrock2For many years I’ve known that Professional Networking is one of the easiest ways of doing great business. But the key is “Professional” and not something many can master.

If you’re uncomfortable with Networking, as many people are, then let me be your “Eyes and Ears” in the Business world.

Instead of wasting your own precious time researching new business, going to adhoc events without any planning and with hours of follow up, why not work with a Specialist in the industry? That would be me! As your Professional Networker, through years of practice and expertise, I can cut out so, so much of the unnecessary wasteful stuff. Time is far too valuable to go around the houses every time.  As many of you know, I tell it as I see it!

Do you struggle with finding the time to make the right connections for your business?
Would you like the right connections to just fall into your lap? I can do that for you!


  • Firstly, we spend some valuable time together for me to understand your future business. Who your ideal clients are and what it is you want to achieve?
  • From there we PLAN your Professional Networking. This cuts out all the adhoc meetings. I only use events tailored for you.
  • There are no heavy membership fees to pay up front.
  • No extra hours are wasted on doing what others tell you to do.
  • Instead, I go out as your “Eyes and Ears” and bring you new business while you crack on with what you love to do.
  • Don’t you just love to cut to the chase!

What sectors do I work with?

This year, rather than Networking on all aspects of business, I’m focused on what I know best – Hospitality.  This includes working on the Property side – the actual Hotel and Apartment owners.  Through these contacts I’ve been introduced to other Commercial Property Owners and Investors.

Focusing on one area makes life far easier and much more satisfying.  For me, successful business is all about working together. For many years my slogan is “Introducing Businesspeople to Business Opportunities”.

Out around the City are all the clients you need.  Your local square mile is saturated. The challenge is in finding the right ones for you. That’s what I do as a Professional Networker. I’m your “Eyes and Ears” for finding you new business.


“ As an Irish business person, naturally the affairs of the Irish business community have always been close to my heart. With my background being Hospitality and Marketing I know the importance of sharing, of supporting each other. If I stand up shouting about “How great I am” I could really turn people off.  If, however, another company shouts about “How great Irish Business Enterprise is” you may just listen saying “I need to check this out”.  That’s the power of collaboration so we must learn to support each other.

IBE is an online forum to do exactly this. It can help companies and organisations, large and small, to work together, support each other, and derive mutual benefits from building relationships together.

I hope you’ll join us by realising the undoubted benefits to grow your own business by meeting new clients who want to use your products and services. I can sing about your praised while you sing about mine!”

Agnes Fitzgerald