Have you ever thought much about this? If like me, then I suspect you probably use many different tools.

There are hundreds of tools that can be useful depending on your type of business, how you operate it and what exactly you hope to achieve from it.

For me to succeed in connecting top business people with senior professionals, the most important tool I have been trained to use is a “people reader”! “What’s that”? you may ask!

A “people reader” allowed me to simply “read” other people. It is not a physical tool to be purchased in B&Q nor an App to download. It is actually an observation process. By studying other people properly, I get a great insight to their character, their personality, their ambition for success levels and, ultimately, learn how I can help these people succeed further.

Being able to do this thoroughly is the core of my success. It always tells me if they are “Hunters” or “Farmers”. Such knowledge is vital to connect the right people to successfully exchange business ideas.

The core of “Independent Business Enterprise”, (IBE) is to connect top business people to likeminded entrepreneurs for both parties to grow their business. Without knowing each side thoroughly this cannot be done succesfully. The key is in knowing how each side ticks.

Basically, my job is to get inside the head of each client. I must read beyond the mask on their face and sus out what exactly it is each one is thinking. I need to read behind their words and get into their very hearts to understand exactly what it is they want.

This involves great trust which comes with relationship building. For many years I have worked in Professional Networking, teaching others the correct way to network. The core of this is building successful relationships through mutual trust.

The next stage for me is to decipher between what people think they want; what people say they want and what exactly it is they NEED to improve their business. At this point, with having done my homework correctly, I will often suggest to my Associate that they look at their problem from a different angle. Something they would not have considered. I have been known to connect two people, who already know each other, but are not aware of some of the “hats” worn.  The outcome is usually successful and I treat it as a new introduction. 

Presently, we are all faced with some strange challenges – many of which not everyone can answer. I’m here to help you get through the rough times.  This is part of the reason people become Business Associates of IBE – https://agnesfitzgerald.co.uk/our-recommended-associates/

If you are interested in joining our group just email me to arrange a chat.
I’m very happy to meet up under COVID 19 rules or enjoy a private 1-1 ZOOM.  I’ll go with whatever works best for you.  agnes@agnesfitzgerald.co.uk