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July update on COVID 19 and Lockdown

After 4mts of upheaval our lives are starting to shape up again. Slowly, Lockdown is lifting. But do NOT be fooled into thinking that all is safe. Coronavirus is still alive and well in the world. I believe we still have a long way to go.

However, we can take some great strides in putting some structure back into lives. If you have been off work during Lockdown, now is the time to get back into full swing. If we continue to adhere to the COVID 19 rules of social distancing etc life should be as safe as it can be.

Have you decided what the “new normal” may hold for you? There are so many unanswered questions at first. There always is when we face changes.

Here at IBE, I have put some measures together to help our Associates to restart lives with confidence. We break down that awesome fear of the unknown. Remember, the “unknown” is only something which we have not yet learned. With IBE, that “unknown” has now lifted.   

For me, seeing Hospitality reopen is a joy. I am helping some clients to restructure their business with an updated plan to incorporate social distancing. Some have a new focus with different goals. For many, their technology needs revamping.

Perhaps the biggest change among my Associates will be in Digital/IT.  So many companies are improving their sites, they need top CRM systems to “track and trace” their sales etc. Choosing the right social media platforms is more important than ever. Remember, not all platforms are suited to all businesses. You must first know your ideal client.   

For others, like much of Construction, there will be little change on how business is done. But there could be far more opportunities out there for the “movers and shakers”.

If you have ideas on how best to prepare for the “new normal” but need help to implement, just email me on
If I can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Meanwhile, stay safe and remember social distancing.

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Agnes Fitzgerald