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August 2020 update on COVID 19 and Lockdown


Who would believe that it’s 6 months since first been warned about COVID 19.
How are you coping with all the mad changes?

Do you think you are in Lockdown or do you feel it is lifted?  You could be forgiven for wishing it were all over but, do NOT be fooled into thinking that all is safe. Coronavirus is still alive and well in the world. I believe we still have a long way to go.

This weekend there are many complaining about changes without notice. Sure, it is aggravating and, in some cases, heart breaking. However, it is important to appreciate the reasons behind this. The ONLY reason for the sudden change in practice is because coronavirus numbers are rising again.

It must be stopped as soon as possible. This virus shows no mercy. It is not interested in your celebrations or well-earned holiday. It knows no boundaries. Hence, no notice or strategic planning is available.

I see our present challenges in two parts: –
1     We have the daily changes of rules due to the behaviour
of coronavirus. The easiest way to deal with this is
to a accept it for now. It cannot be helped.

2     It is now time to put some structure back into work-life
balance. Independent Business Enterprise (IBE) can help with that.

Have you decided what the “new normal” may hold for you? At this point, due to such massive changes, many people are seeking help.

Here at IBE, I have put some measures together to help our Associates to restart lives with confidence. We break down that awesome fear of the unknown. Remember, the “unknown” is only something which we have not yet learned.

The opportunities out there are vast for the “movers and shakers”.  From every crises there are always opportunities for those on the look out.

If you have ideas on how best to prepare for the “new normal” and need help to implement, just email me on
We can arrange a 1-1 to discuss matters further. My first meeting is always free.

Meanwhile, stay safe and remember social distancing. Hands – Face – Space!

Agnes Fitzgerald
Consultant for IBE