Benefit from our Consultancy Services

Let us help you kick start your brain back into business and overcome the challenges you are facing.

Benefit from the Expertise of our Associates

We have a bank of trusted specialists so you can take advantage of a host of business skills. Boost your business.

Benefit from Specialist Networking

No more time wasted shaking hands with people that can’t benefit your business. Get an invitation to networking events where the attendees are hand picked for the benefit of everyone.

Don’t Choose the Glass before Drinks are Ordered.

Do you understand your business? Do you know what it takes to succeed?

Not so much these days, but in my younger day it seemed very romantic for people to retire and buy a pub. Generally, these people knew nothing about operating a pub. It just seemed a lovely way of life to sit on a bar stool, chat with friends, glass in hand and watch the dosh roll in.

Anyone in Hospitality, especially at the moment, knows that is pure fantasy. Running a bar is damn hard work, with a million things to do. You start many hours before the venue opens to prepare everything and remain working for a few hours after closing to clean up to start all over again tomorrow.

This applies to any business. How smooth is your operation? Do you have the appropriate Teams in the right quarters? When someone comes in to order a drink are the bar staff to hand? How qualified are they? Do they choose a glass before the drinks are ordered!

How efficient are they at selling your pub? Do they encourage clients to invest further and order a meal? Is your kitchen ready for that? Should there be an accident are the cleaners to hand? And so on. Just how organised are you really?

Take a step back from your business. How smoothly is it running? Are you making the sales you need? Shoud you be offering clients extra products – like the meal in the pub? What problems do you have? Do you even know your problems – especially in these changing times?

Whatever your business problems are I can fix them for you.

No, I’m not Super Woman but I am smart! I work with a host of Super Specialists. My own expertise is in picking the right Team, choosing the right entrepreneurs to work with. Then I connect the right people. Once I understand your problems I know who will fix them.


  • Firstly, I spend some valuable time with you for me to really understand your future business, what your aims are and who your ideal clients are.
  • From there we set a PLAN, tailored just for you. Cut out all the adhoc meetings, etc.
  • Part of the plan is to agree the latest tools needed to further your success. Do you have the best tools for you? If not, then we will discuss and correct that.
  • Once you are set up on solid foundations, bespoke to you, then the sky is the limit!

When you see a well-run business from front of house side it should look a doddle. The better it is managed the easier it looks. Is that your business?

What Next?

The plan behind “Independent Business Enterprise”, (IBE), is to work with a core of elite Associates. Working with these Businesses, I can help you sort any challenges you face in your business – be that Poor Sales, a need for New Markets, Digital Marketing, SEO, CRM or just an overhaul of your site. Perhaps you want to sell your Business or you need an Investor. I also have an amazing contact to keep you well in Health and Wellbeing so you can run a highly successful Business.

So why come to IBE for Help?

Two reasons: –

  • IBE can supply you with all the different help through just ONE contact – me. Email
  • I connect you to Businesses I already work very successfully with or they come highly recommended by businesses I know and trust. That rules out the risk of dealing with cowboys or scams.

Agnes Fitzgerald
Consultant for IBE